Working Ideas That Help Generate Leads

Conversions are where the money comes from. Even if you have the most advanced lead generating campaign, without converting the leads into deals it’s all for naught. But conversions aren’t easy. Customers now have many choices and can either click on something and buy your product or close your website and never come back. So what can you do about it? We’re glad you asked. Here are five ideas that you can use to increase your lead conversion rates and revenue.

Use natural eye-path patterns to place calls to action

Multiple studies have mapped the natural eye-path patterns, or areas on a web page where a user’s eyes focus first and the things that get his attention. Those maps follow an “F” pattern, meaning users often start from the top left, then move to right and then down the page. These patterns can be used to an entrepreneur’s advantage when planning a website. On a contrary, if you design your page based on attractiveness as the main factor, you’ll probably fall short of conversion aims.

Place pop-ups at the end of your content

If you want to increase email leads, the biggest leak you probably have on your website is that you’re not placing the pop-ups at the end of your content. Users usually decide to give you their email after reading your content. By showing a pop-up when they reach the bottom of the page, you’ll be asking them to make a decision right now, which always converts well. Those pop-ups work like calls-to-action and give users direction without looking like a barrier.

Link your blog post to older posts

If you think that traditional calls-to-action look like ads and result in banner blindness, you might try inserting anchor text in your blog posts that will act like calls-to-action. Relevancy is important here; it should satisfy the need of the reader and be relevant to what the user is looking for.

Post about new marketing campaigns

Post something positive about every new marketing campaign you’re launching so that your subscribers will know what you’re going to sell. Plus, you can use those blog posts to introduce your products to the new audience. People who are searching for the same content on search engines will find your campaign. As a result, these users tend to convert at a higher rate.

Generate leads through social media

For some reasons, marketers think of social media only when it comes to brand building and not sales. However, social media is just another way to generate real leads for your business. You can not only promote your new blog posts via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites but also link to landing pages of offers that performed well for lead generation. Simple analysis of your blog will tell you which posts are the most successful at lead generation.

If you haven’t tried any of these ideas yet, we hope that you test them for your audience and start increasing your lead generation rates right now.