Essential Media Key Personnel

Amelia Lesniak

Amelia has worked in marketing and media industry for over 4 years, with a range of industries such as large hospital systems, small start-ups, construction, documentaries and more. During this time she has learned how to effectively implement, manage and assess marketing campaigns. Amelia is passionate about her clients and walks them through every step of the process, from research and strategy to implementation and metrics. She works hard to ensure she captures your demographic, and to provide her clients with a tangible return on investment.

With her extensive background in event planning and media relations, Amelia has decided to partner with Essential Media, allowing her to infuse her talents into an extraordinary team. At Essential Media, Amelia will contribute by bringing her background in a variety of mediums. She has worked with television, radio, billboard, print, digital, social media and so much more. The marketing industry is always changing and advancing and Amelia has been at the forefront of these trends.

Let her show you how she can help you achieve more through her ability to negotiate and execute strategic media plans.

Greg Phelps

With an absolute love for his career and over 30 years in the industry, Greg has been there and done that! As a successful entrepreneur and business owner, Greg brings to the game a unique blend of practical business sense combined with outstanding creative and technical skills. While his typical role is that of producer/director, he and the Frame by Frame crew often team-up and work with other producers, directors and agencies. Greg’s talents and experiences run deep in all areas… from creative development and script writing, to shooting, editing and distribution.

Greg can bring another level of excellence to any production team, his understanding of the entire production process insures each effort is designed and executed with the singular goal being “success” for the client. Frame by Frame continues to build on its reputation for delivering outstanding production on time and on budget.

Frame by Frame offers a full range of video and related media production services, providing everything needed for the screen: creative development, script writing, producing, directing, shooting, editing and delivery. Our products include: corporate marketing, broadcast commercial production, network television, feature films and a growing list of mobile and internet media. We also support network broadcasters, independent producers and other video professionals with crew and equipment support. We understand budgets and deadlines, and works hard to provide the absolute best quality for each client and every project.

John Franklin

John has had the immense pleasure and blessing in working with Greg in various forms from 1989 through today. They have both produced and been a part of countless productions that range from family memories, television shows to feature films.

While working in Dallas he gained invaluable experience as a producer, director and writer for many TV programs and large corporate accounts such as Texas Country Reporter, Texas Country Nights, Centex, Neimann Marcus, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Dairy Queen and E!.

Today, John travels the world participating in several productions for corporate, television and missions. Working on ‘Insanity of God’ produced by the IMB and LifeWay films was a life changing experience for him. ‘Destination Craft’ is a PBS show where John got to look into the lives of artisans around the world and for TLC he is following the lives of people facing a traumatic change in ‘Skin Tight’.

No matter what role he plays in production, John loves the chance to be part of telling the stories of life.