Nurturing Customers Using Paid Media

For many entrepreneurs, the desire to save money on paid marketing can be quite tempting. So what if we tell you that you can execute a paid marketing plan inexpensively and get results? Even better, these results will translate into real revenue gains.

Create unique landing pages for loyal customers

If you have a customer who keeps coming back and buys from you over and over again, don’t greet him as you do other customers. Show him a unique page that talks his language when he lands on your site. It will show him that you appreciate his loyalty. You can use remarketing lists to search for those customers.

Show customers adds with offers that are going to expire soon

We all are familiar with ads that tell you the time is ticking down, and you could miss a unique offer if you don’t buy something right now. These ads are known as countdown ads and work well with both new and existing customers. For example, if you want to engage a customer who has bought something from you once to buy from you again, show him a limited-time offer, and explain that the customer could miss a great opportunity. This will create a sense of urgency and make people buy from you one more time.

Utilize remarketing ads to get extra loyalty

If you sell a product that people buy more than once or if you have something that leads to collateral purchases – like a phone, for example, think of developing a remarketing strategy. Let’s say, if you bought a phone, you will probably need a case for the phone. If you know the model of phone customers bought, create relevant remarketing ads and follow them around, informing them that you have phone cases for this model. This is a great way to increase loyalty of customers who have just bought your product.

Remarketing can also work for reviews

You can remarket and encourage your customers to leave reviews on products or services they bought just like you encourage them to buy something again. And it doesn’t really matter if they leave reviews on your own website or at a third-party site as long as Google can aggregate data from that site. All you need to do is to ask or remind your customers to write a review if they like your products or services. Reviews that tell about real experiences are the best way to generate leads because they let people experience what your customers have experienced from your product or service.

Paid media can boost ROI by generating leads that aren’t ready to buy yet and engage those people through promotional campaigns and remarketing strategies. When executed properly, it could convince people to open your website again and place an order.